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Flow until Lesson Starts


Flow until Lesson Starts

Step 1. School Visit Counseling FREE

For counseling, please reserve and contact us from the inquiry form.
If you are in a hurry, please contact us through the phone ;


Step 2. Counseling FREE

We will carefully listen to your learning objectives, Japanese language history, desired commuting pace, day of the week and time.
Based on the listened content, we will explain lesson plan proposals, pricing, and attendance rules that suit you
Only those who deemed necessary by the staff will perform a level check test.

Step 3. Trial Lesson Applicants only

Reservations in advance are necessary for those who are interested for trial lessons.

Trial lesson (60min.x3 times)

Lessons now available only ¥12,000 (Tax excluded)!
You are able to take 3 trial lessons at a reasonable price.
You are also allowed to take 3 trial lessons with 3 different teachers.
Recommended for those worried about which teacher and course to choose.

Step 4. Application

Please consider our school and apply if you agree to the condtions.
Please prepare the documents, and reserve the date of the first lesson.

Documents needed for admission

Application form

Enrollment Fee  ¥15,000
→Now only FREE (until 31th Jul)!

Residency Card (We will take a print copy)


Step 5. Payment & Lesson Start

The lesson will start on the day of reservation.